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Are you attracted by air activities? You think you are Icarus and dream of flying like a bird? What could be better than paragliding to savor the feeling of calm in the sky while enjoying the thrill of flying? But before throwing yourself headlong into this addictive sport, here are our 5 tips for a good start in paragliding.

1. Launching yourself with a paragliding baptism

If there is a sport that requires a certain budget (your safety is priceless!), it is paragliding. This is why it is interesting, even essential, to test this aerial activity before buying all your equipment. 

So do not hesitate to book a tandem paragliding flight to discover the sensations of free flight. Moreover, you can also ask all your questions to the instructor who will accompany you. As a great enthusiast, he will be pleased to answer you!


2. Follow initiation and improvement courses to start paragliding.

Contrary to other activities accessible to beginners without supervision, paragliding remains a sport that requires basic safety instructions at your fingertips. 

Also, to have done a paragliding baptism is not enough! We strongly advise you to follow an initiation course. During this course, you will learn how to take off and land safely and you will even be able to make your first flight alone. But to feel at ease in all circumstances, a training course will not be too much. 


3. Choosing the right equipment

If you want to practice paragliding alone, you will need equipment adapted to your level... and your budget! 

The wing, the harness, the reserve parachute, the helmet... all this can quickly become expensive, but you should not sacrifice your safety. Let yourself be guided by your instructor (he knows you well and will be able to guide you) and discover without further ado how to choose your paraglider.


4. Finding flying buddies 

To start paragliding well, it is necessary to be surrounded and not to remain alone in its corner! Finding flying buddies is not easy, here are a few tips: 

Chat with the other students of your paragliding club;
Join Facebook groups such as Rock The Outdoor ;
Join online communities (type "paraglider+name of your region" for example)...
In short, don't be shy: we all have the same passion!


5. Training again and again on the ground and in the air 

To progress in paragliding, there is no secret: you have to train! The more you fly, the more comfortable you will feel in the air.

Better still, you can alternate exits and inflation, an activity that allows you to play with your wing without leaving the ground. It's a great combo to become a better pilot !

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