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What if combining skiing and paragliding and trying speed-riding became your goal for next winter ? This still very new sport, full of adrenaline and emotions, will make you discover the mountains like never before. From Courchevel to Méribel... come and enjoy the resorts of Savoie from a totally new angle and get off the groomed slopes for an exceptional experience !


What is speed-riding ?

Imagine... you're hurtling down the slopes, the immaculate powder all around you. A little further on, you can see a rocky bar. No worries: you use your little sail to fly over it and continue your descent. 

With speed-riding, you combine the feeling of gliding and speed of skiing with the feeling of freedom of flight. This marvellous duo allows you to evolve in 3D and play with the mountainous relief while admiring the landscape of Courchevel.

One could also compare this new sport to snowkiting, which uses its glider as an aerotracted glider. With the added bonus of real gliding for maximum adrenaline.


For who ?

Contrary to popular belief, speed-riding is relatively accessible. The only requirement is to be a good skier, familiar with all types of snow and terrain. And for good reason, this activity is only practiced off-road. In short, a minimum level of 3rd star is required.

On the free flight side, a flying experience is strongly recommended before going into the powder snow. On the other hand, for a novice, it will be imperative to find out and test, supervised by professionals. Speed-riding wings are lively and do not easily forgive mistakes. 

In any case, even if you have already experienced sports such as kitesurfing or paragliding, a course in a school will ensure safety and sensations for your next solo outings.


Where to try this unusual winter sport ?

Ready to hit the slopes? Then, go to one of these two stations where you will find serious and professional schools for your first steps:

  • Courchevel : with its forests with committed corridors and its sublime panoramas, we recommend it !
  • Méribel : the largest ski area in the world - just that - and wide open spaces as far as the eye can see !
  • Grand Bornand : The Starski ski & snowboard school offers you speed-riding lessons: You can opt for private lessons tailor-made and organised according to your level and your expectations !

Test speed-riding and you'll never be able to do without it again !

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