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Jumping and paragliding flight are quite distinct activities. For beginners, it is not always easy to tell the difference. They assimilate one activity to the other and end up making a big confusion. To help you make the difference, in this article, Adrenaline Paragliding Courchevel present the differences between jumping and paragliding.

Jumping or paragliding flight?

The principle is simple: you jump out of an airplane using a parachute and take off paragliding from an adapted and progressive slope. This means that in paragliding, you don't jump but rather take off, by walking a few steps that will allow the canopy to take the necessary shape for the flight, before accelerating so that the take-off is done in a completely natural way. In any case, if you do a first paragliding experience or parachuting, you will be supervised from the beginning to the end by experienced instructors.


Paragliders also have a much greater range than parachutes. Parachutes are limited by the size of the canopy, whereas paragliders can fly for hours at a time because they have a much larger surface area. This also makes them more efficient at gliding in the wind.

Although they are both considered thrilling activities, they are different depending on whether you are paragliding or jumping out of an airplane. During a paragliding flight, serenity, well being and letting go will be at the rendezvous, a kind of appeasement provoked by the sensation of floating in the air...


On the other hand, parachute jumping is a source of strong sensations. These are even accompanied by adrenaline rushes. To be able to jump, you have to go through the freefall stage, jumping into the void before the instructor opens the parachute. 

Once under canopy, you will find in a way the sensations of paragliding, with a little more speed all the same.


The views you can see on a skydive are incredible. You can see the whole world stretching out beneath you, and it's an incredible feeling to be so high in the sky and be able to admire the beauty of the world below. From Courchevel, you will be paragliding over the snow-capped mountains. If you are lucky, you may even spot some wildlife or interesting landmarks during the flight.

This activity requires more personal commitment, a medical certificate, a big weight limit.... 

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