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Choosing the right paraglider is not limited to the paragliding wing itself. From the harness to the reserve parachute, including the essential accessories such as the helmet... Every part of the equipment is essential. And this, wherever you fly : in Normandy at the water's edge, in the mountains of Savoie or above the ski slopes during a winter flight in Courchevel ! And because it represents a certain budget, we have decided to give you a little briefing on each of these equipments. This way, you will see more clearly... and you will be able to select the models best adapted to your practice and your wallet !


The basic equipment

We're not introducing them anymore. Without them, no flying!


The wing

Choosing the right paraglider requires you to take into account a number of elements such as :

  • Your level of experience: be honest with yourself or you may find yourself in trouble with a model that performs too well;
  • The type of flight you like: simple, acrobatic, long duration, etc. ; 
  • Your T.V.P. (Total Flying Weight);
  • The make and age of the wing;
  • The price: used or new.

Don't hesitate to consult our 5 tips for a good start to paragliding.


The harness

The harness is a piece of equipment that you will keep with you for many years. It is therefore essential that you choose it carefully. There are different models suitable for every type of flight, but you should also take into account :

  • The style: equipped with planks, waders, cocoon, etc. 
  • Size: Ideally, take a slightly larger size for better comfort;
  • The possible impact protection: with airbags, foam-bag, etc.
  • The price.


Safety equipment

Safety must always be your priority. So don't skimp on this equipment!


The reserve parachute

You will find three types of models on the market:

  • The square reserve parachute: it opens quickly and offers optimal stability;
  • The hemispherical rescue parachute: very easy to handle, this is the most common model.
  • The Rogallo parachute: the only model that can be piloted, it is the Rolls-Royce of rescue parachutes.

Now you're ready to paraglide !

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